Born in 1961 in Lviv, Ukraine. During 1983-1988 were studying at LSIADA - Lvov State Institute of Applied and Decorative Arts (now LNAA - Lvov National Academy of Art), specialty of "interior designing." Since 1988 lived and worked in Sevastopol. Designed and participated in design creation of many public and private buildings and facilities in Sevastopol and on the southern coast of Crimea, Ukraine.

Participated in painting and graphic design exhibitions in the country and abroad. Worked as a lecturer of drawing, design, construction and the history of design in Sevastopol faculty of Lviv National Academy of Arts.

Until Russian annexation of Crimea took a position of the chairman of Sevastopol city organization of the Union of Designers of Ukraine. Took part as a production designer on film project "Khmelnitsky" 2014.

In 2014 left Crimea, now lives and works in Kyiv and Lviv (Ukraine).