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Member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia. 2013, 2014, 2015 - Irina Melnikova is the winner of the annual regional contest "The Success of the Year" with the support of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Ministry of Economic Development and Investment Policy of the Saratov region in the category "Contemporary Art". Curator of projects and exhibitions. Head of the art studio. Artist of the Center for Children and Youth Creativity of the Frunzensky district. She is the head of the creative workshop "Young Artist" at the Regional Center for Support of Gifted Children in Saratov. Winner of the professional skills competition "Joy of Creativity", 2013.



Selected exhibitions and art-projects:

2017 Ecological and art-project "365 cups - 365 art pieces"
  The wheel of time, the museum of P. Kuznetsov
  Symphony of color, RCSC, Prague
  Family Opening Day. "Family Olympus" DK "Russia"
2016 Outside the canon. Chapter II: Saratov, Saratov Art Museum named after Radishchev.
  Harmony of life, MoreART gallery
  Festival of Contemporary Art "Triumph-mall"
  Exhibition "Colored Dreams", Regional Center for Support of Gifted Children, Saratov, Russia.
2015 Workshop of colour, personal exhibition, Saratov art museum named after Radishchev.
2014 Regional contest "Success of the Year". Winners in the nomination "Contemporary Art"
  Touch, personal exhibition, the center of Stolypin.
2013 Touch, personal exhibition, the government of the Saratov region 
  Symphony of color, House of Art Workers
  The Butterfly Effect
  Diploma for participation in the festival "Kaleidoscope of Family Talents"
2012 Manifesto of texture, center of st.Sophia
  Genesis, Saratov Art School named after A.P.Bogolyubov
  Personal exhibition in the building of the Bank "Otkrytie"
  Participation in the project "Night of Museums"
  Exhibition (together with Andrey Melnikov) in the Volga Academy named after P.A.Stolypin.
  Exhibition of paintings of the Melnikov family in the center of P.A.Stolypin
2011 35 + 20, Academy of Arts
  The Birth of Life, House of Art and Science
  Movement, Museum named after N.G. Chernyshevsky
  Harmony of Life, Volga State Academy of Civil Service named after P.A.Stolypin
  Family Workshop, Saratov Regional Duma
  Labyrinths, Express Volga Bank.
  Festival "Art-exchange." Triumph Mall.
2009 Family exhibition "Joy of Life"
  exhibition of ceramics "City of Masters"
2006 Exhibition of teachers of children's art studios
  Winter vernissage, center named after P.A.Stolypin
2005 The Golden Thread of Family Traditions, regional competition 
  The Golden Thread of Family Traditions, city competition, House of Creativity.
  Autumn Opening Day, Union of Artists of the Russian Federation
2004 The needlewoman of the province, festival-competition of visual art, DC "Russia"
  Family of the Year 2004, city competition
2002 Center of Folk Art of Saratov, family exhibition
  Motherhood, city competition
2001 The festival of art creativity of Saratov, Palace of Officers