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Born in 1967. Education: psychologist, candidate of psychological science. The photographer. Specialization: black-white analog photography. Landscape, portrait, academy figure, genre shooting, photo projects, private photo sessions. Cameras: Hasselblad, Linhof, Makina Plaubel, Leica. Lives and works in the Kiev, Ukraine. Website:

Selected exhibitions and art-projects:

2015 Ghettoblaster, gallery "Ducat", Kyiv, Ukraine.
2010 Space Spirit, art-project - performance, New Man, internationa symposium of contemporary art "Biruchiy 0010", Zaporizhya, Ukraine. 
  Be real, art-project, Kyiv, Ukraine. 
  Participation in the program of open air of modern art gallery "A-House", Shanghai, China.
2009 Country No 2,    art-project,   participation   in   the  Month   of   photography   in  Bratislava, in amounting to the National exposition, Bratislava, Slovakia.  
2008 Underground, photo-gallery "A-HOUSE photo", Kyiv, Ukraine.
2007 Per Sonus, photo exhibition, participation in the 3rd Kiev International Month of Photography,  headliner of  the photography month, Kyiv, Ukraine.
2006 One day chronicle, photo project, the best creative project in the countries of former USSR,  were supported by XEROX Company, Kyiv, Ukraine.
2005 Classic painting, participation in Ukrainian-Poland joint project of "A-House" Gallery (Kiev) and Chenstokhov City Municipal Gallery, Poland, Calvary, Poland.  
  Goodbye  Arms, photo exhibition, participation in the 2nd Kiev International Month of Photography,  Kyiv, Ukraine.