vladimir arkhipov

Born in 1961 in Ryazan, Russia. Graduated from the Medical Institute. Worked as an engineer, was engaged in construction business. Has been started exhibition activity since 1990. Since 1994 the author collects homemade household items, is the author of the website  where the database of exhibited items is stored. In 2013 was nominated for the Kandinsky Prize (Moscow, Russia). Author of the art objects and installations. Lives and works in Moscow, Russia.

Resident of BIRUCHIY  in 2014.


Selected exhibitions and art-projects:


2014 Post-folk archive/Maastricht, Bonnefaten Museum, Maastricht, Netherlands.
2012 Self-made Russia, Red October Gallery, Moscow, Russia.
2011 Expedition, Michigan, New York, USA.
2010 He is an artist! VP-studio, Moscow, Russia.
2009 Functioning forms/Zurich, Natasha Akhmerova's gallery, Zurich, Switzerland.
2008, Foundation-Era, Moscow, Russia.
  The design of the people, the gallery of Nina Lumer, Milan, Italy.
2006 The functioning forms of Ireland, the Barren College of Art, Belliowogan, Kohler, Ireland.
2005 What have you done, Kolomentsy?!, A special project of the 1st Moscow Biennale, gallery League, Kolomna, Russia.
2004 National Sculpture, Kunstverein, Rosenheim, Germany.
  I make a museum, the State Museum of Architecture named by Shchusev, Moscow, Russia.
2003 FORCED/NOTWEHR Russian household items from the collection of V. Arkhipov, FACTORYkunsthallekrems, Krems, Austria.
  Post-folk-archive of Wales, Oriel Mostyn Gallery, Llandudno, Wales, UK.
2002  Post-folk-archive, Ikon-gallery, Birmingham, UK.
  Post-folk-archive, Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery, Shrewsbury, UK.
2001 Expedition to the West Midlands area, Great Britain.
  Themselves, the gallery M.Gelman, Kyiv, Ukraine.
1999 Welded, M.Gelman Gallery, Moscow, Russia.
  Expedition, Yaroslavl Region, Russia.
  Yaroslavl. Forced art, YAHM, Yaroslavl, Russia.
1998 Expeditions: Oryol Region, Tambov Region, Nizhny Novgorod, Vulcania Region, Australia.
1997 Museum of homemade things (project for the magazine "Project Russia", 1997-2005).
  Expeditions: Ryazan and Arkhangelsk regions, Russia.
1996 Post-folk-archive. MHM-gallery, Prague, Czech Republic.
  Expedition, Tver Region, Russia.
1995 Forced things, L-gallery, Moscow, Russia.
1991  Announcement, a gallery in the Trekhprudnoy Peninsula, Moscow, Russia.

- group:

2014 BIRUCHIY 014, international symposium of contemporary art, peninsula Biryuchiy, Ukraine.
2013 Reality is not enough, MMSI, Moscow, Russia.
  VIII Biennale of Contemporary Art in Shiryaevo, Samara Region, Russia.
2012 4th Triennial of Contemporary Art, Guangzhou, Сnina (PRC).
  Silence, New Museum of Modern Art, Monaco.
  Russian archives, Natasha Akhmerova's gallery, Zurich, Switzerland.
2011 Ostalgia, New Museum, New York, USA.
  Under, Polytechnic Museum, Moscow, Russia.
  If only I knew, MMCI, Petrovka 25, Moscow, Russia.
2010 The art of wasting time, the Mars Gallery, Moscow, Russia.
  If only I knew, MMCI, Petrovka 25, Moscow, Russia.
2009 Not toys?!, State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia.
  Own resources, the Center for Contemporary Art Bolit, Girona, Spain.
  Insiders, Museum of Contemporary Art Bordeaux, France.
  The Russian Poor, Perm, Russia.
2007 Memory return. New art from Russia, Kumu art museum, Tallinn, Estonia.
  Progressive nostalgia, the Center for Contemporary Art Luigi Pechi, Prato, Italy.
  The 8th Biennale of Contemporary Art in Sharjah, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.
  10th Triennial of Sculpture, Felbach, Germany.
2006 27 Biennale of Sao Paulo, Brazil.
2005 Tirana Biennale of Contemporary Art, Albania.
  In another world, the Museum of Contemporary Art Helsinki, Finland.
  Functioning forms, AFI, Linz, Austria
2004 Berlin-Moscow/Moscow-Berlin 1950-2000, State Historical Museum, Moscow, Russia.
  At the resort! Russian art today, Kunsthalle, Baden-Baden, Germany.
  Seven Sins/Ljubljana-Moscow, Gallery of Contemporary Art Ljubljana, Slovenia.
2003 Horizons of reality, MNKA - Museum of Contemporary Art, Antwerp, Belgium.
2002 The center of attraction. The 8th Baltic Triennial of Contemporary Art, Vilnius, Lithuania.
2001 International Forum of Art Initiatives, MGVZ New Manege, Moscow, Russia.
2000 Art 2000, Kunstverein, Rosenheim, Germany.
  Poor art, the State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia.
1999 Fauna, MHVZ New Manege, Moscow, Russia.
  The 3rd Krasnoyarsk Biennale Museum, Krasnoyarsk, Russia.
1998 Every day. 11th Biennale of Contemporary Art, Sydney, Australia.
1997 Open Museum 9ART-MOSCOW, Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia.
  Vodka, gallery of M.Gelman, Moscow, Russia.
1996 Visiting a fairy tale, CSI, Moscow, Russia.
1995 Results, Scholarship Berlin Academy of Arts, Berlin, Germany.
1994 Europe-94, Munich, Germany.
  Festival of Contemporary Art, Sochi, Russia.
1991 20th exhibition of young artists, Kuznetsky Most 11, Moscow, Russia.
1990 The logic of the paradox, MDM, Moscow, Russia.
  ART-MYTH 1, Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia.