Born in 1979, in Lviv. Graduated from Lviv National Academy of Arts (Interior Design Department) and Lviv College of Decorative and Applied Art named after Ivan Trush (Department of advertising in architecturally dimensional environment)/ Painter, graphic artist. Lives and works in Lviv.






Selected exhibitions and projects:

- solo exhibitions:

2014 Old line – new line. Interaction, "Khudhraf gallery", Kyiv, Ukraine.
  Old line – new line. Interaction, "Bunkermuz" gallery, Ternopil, Ukraine.
2013 Old line – new line. Interaction, "Detenpula" gallery, Lviv, Ukraine.
2012 Taboo, "Dzyha" gallery, Lviv, Ukraine.
  Taboo, "Lenin" gallery, Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine.
  Aesthetics. Hidden, "Zelena Kanapa" gallery, Lviv, Ukraine

group exhibitions:

2018 Colorings, special project by BIRUCHIY in the framework of Kyiv Art Week, Toronto center, Kyiv, Ukraine.
  Unknown... to Sara Thorton, Modern Art Research Institute, Kyiv, Ukraine.
2014 Under the blue sky, Art Kyiv Contemporary IX, Mystetskyi Arsenal, Kyiv, Ukraine.
2013 BIRUCHIY 013, Biriuchyi Island, Ukraine.
  Cross-Section of Contextual Presence, "Dzyha" gallery, Lviv, Ukraine.
  One of N, "Detenpula" gallery, Lviv, Ukraine.
2012 Week of Actual Art, project "Quattor Elementa", Museum of Ideas, Lviv, Ukraine
2011 Fine Art Ukraine, Mystetskyi Arsenal, Kyiv, Ukraine.
2010 Ukrainian Cross-Section, Lublin, Poland.
2009 Bezobraz, "Zelena Kanapa" gallery, Lviv, Ukraine.
2006 World of Enamel, Lviv National Museum, Lviv, Ukraine.
2005 Lviv Autumn Salon "Vysokyi Zamok", Palace of Arts, Lviv, Ukraine.
2000 Art on the edge of the millennium, Lviv Museum of Ethnography, Lviv, Ukraine.